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I hear your frustration Claudia36oh, these things bother me greatly as well. I've edited the thread title to make it easy for others to find the information. Thx - marko

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I don't have the heart to use lethal traps, either, but hubby doesn't like mice in the garage. So I trap them in live traps and transport them (or have him transport them) to the end of the drive and release them. And yes, I know they probably beat me back to the garage before I've reached the house, but it makes hubby happy thinking they're finding a new home somewhere else! And if a 'new' mouse moves in overnight, well, I guess we'll just have to put the live traps out again and take care of 'that one', too! .....................
......I've seen them in hardware stores, Claudia. They're just a little plastic box with one end being a falling door. Bait them, set the door and check frequently to see if the door is closed. If it is, take the trap to the release area and open the door to release. Pretty easy and you don't even have to handle the mouse.

HRP - if you wanted to throw in a link in this thread to where these live traps can be bought, that would be great!

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