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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Yep, we know how much you love your males Kathryn.
I have some females who are a little more standoffish than others. But I also have a few males who are also not cuddlers. My wildest ones are all males. I truly do believe it is the way they are treated from the start.
How interesting! With my ferals it's the females that are the wildest. All my "boys" need to be touched. My females all "noodle" when I talk to them, but most will never let me touch them unless I were to trap them and "foster" them in one room of my house. It would be one on one time and I would be aggressive with them to bond... petting them even tho they tag me and then staying in the room but not touching them... reading my book just to get them familiar with close vicinity.
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