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Unhappy Luxating Patella

My pure-bred Yorkshire Terrier, Casey, has been diagnosed by my vet with luxating patella in both her hind legs. He also mentioned her right hind leg is worse and that she has torn a ligament in her knee.

She's currently on rest for 2 weeks and on some pain/inflammatory medication. She has a check up in about a week and a half now (June 20).

Does luxating patella get better with rest? Can a ligament heal okay by itself? I know surgery is an option (which was recommended for her right hind leg which he said was "grade 4") but my dog is still just a puppy. I also have no idea what the surgery entails. Has anyone had a pet get this done? Did your dog have to wear a cast after surgery? Any personal experience stories welcome.

I have some information from my vet regarding this condition. I have also done some research online.

Because my dog is still a puppy it's hard to get her to relax. We have stopped playing with her, but then she cries for attention. And it's not a normal whine like when she begs for food, it's literally a cry. I breaks my heart!
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