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I guess I didn't introduce Rambo here yet.
Another example of how I don't post absolutely everything lol...
Rambo is my mans new fishing buddy. Since Meiko was primarily his dog he said he was choosing the next one. He really likes Spook and I feel comfortable with him taking her places alone ( I don't like him taking any of the others beside Kita as they are a little more to handle for him)

Spooks breeder offered us Rambo on condition that we (myself and her) show him to specials as she had intended on keeping him back but was more than thrilled for him to come here. He is Spooks half brother, their father is a MBIS winner in the US and his dam is a Can/Am CH.
I'm really not interested in conformation showing all that much anymore but still will be getting titles on my TM's but after talking with my Corgi breeder more we are going to pack up later this year to some herding clinics and start herding testing the Corgi's.

Rambo has a fair deal of herding instinct already and we are going to be encouraging it with him.
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