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Chico, this is probably as much red he had on his face when he was younger, taken in 2002. However, he is going to be 15 next month and the the third photo is his sire, Ch Warkoo Aussie Assault, taken at 15 1/2 years of age. You can see where the white face in old age comes from.
Shelties surprised me when I got them, they are not the lapdog sweetie pie dogs I thought they'd be, but instead a little working dog. They'll guard, some will bite visitors, they want to work sheep, they just rarely have their little fights, and Tammy used to amuse us because if we didn't walk fast enough going out for exercise, she wasn't past going from leg to leg, giving us a sneaky nip to hurry us along. But a delightful breed on the whole, except for the BARKING! Reallly easy peasy after tough cattle dogs, and so nice not to have to split up enemies.
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