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Shay, they forecast 2C in the morning but it is already 0.7C. It was minus 3 in town where I shop yesterday. 10C is fine by me and the weather my shelties used to love best was say 4C at 10am, then they'd get the crazies and run for the joy of it, or to warm up. LOL. I was going to say I'm disappointed we haven't had some super frosts yet, but maybe we have and I've slept through them.
Oh, just looked at Weatherzone and the info they give goes Temperature first, then Dew Point, then Feels like, and apparently it feels like minus 2.3C. I'll drink to that, I've been feeling cold all evening, but then I have been a bit sick since last Thursday, and that might be a factor. Usually I love cold weather, especially fogs and frosts.
Incidentally, Man Vs the wild(?) on TV the other night was about Northern Canada - wow, beautiful, but so rugged.
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