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It's not. At least not for Border Collies. In fact...the the associations with which Border Collies are registered are so against breeding for conformation that if members choose to show in conformation events their membership will become void. This from the CBCA's "membership" page:

"As border collies should only be bred for their working ability breeding for appearance is strongly discouraged. Participation with border collies in conformation events is seen as contrary to the objectives of the Association and will void membership."

and from the CBCA's "news" page:


Despite our best efforts CKC has decided to allow Border Collies to compete conformation (and all other events). While CBCA has no issue with Border Collies competing in performance events we have strong reservations about conformation showing as this will probably lead to Border Collies being bred for looks rather than work. The board feels that such showing is contrary to the objectives of CBCA. As such persons showing border collies in conformation are not eligible for membership in CBCA."

I thought at one time read that any dogs shown to conformation titles would be de-registered but that might have been on the ABCA (American) site.
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