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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
SCM,do you think Chico would benefit from the Free T4 test,rather than the regular T4??
The vet said it's more expensive,I did not ask how much more,if it's $500 I have to stick with the regular T4,at least for now..
I can't remember exactly what I paid, and prices may vary depending on where you are, but I think it was just a bit over $100 (maybe $112 or $117?). I had it done in conjunction with the T4 because it helps to have both numbers as part of the evaluation. If I were to go back in time, I'm not sure I would have the test done because unless the hyperT is advanced enough to show symptoms, I don't think meds are prescribed (although I could be wrong - and there is the rare cat that has symptomless hyperT). I think the Free T4 is more valuable when a cat DOES have symptoms of something going on but the T4 comes back within normal range.

Does that help?
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