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Originally Posted by chicacat4 View Post
My 16 year old poodle was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. I can't remember the exact numbers but I know when he went to the vet his BUN was around 100. They put him on IV fluids and it came down to 30 but in 2 days it was back up to 70. They advised me to take him home and make his last days comfortable. He is still eating (very picky) and seems to feel ok but of course is very thirsty. I keep reading about subcutaneous injections and am tempted to give him those to make him more comfortable and not so dehydrated. Should I try them or do I just let him be? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Have a talk with your vet to see if s/he thinks your dog would tolerate the subq fluids without too much stress and to get advice as to which formulation to give as there are several kinds & not all are appropriate for each animal.

Subq fluids will definately make any kidney patient more comfortable as they become better hydrated. Some people will bring their pets to the vets to have them give fluids while others will do it themselves at home.

Anything that you can do to encourage eating is always good as well to keep up his strength, cooked chicken, bits of cheese, yogurt or small treats etc on his dinner.

Let us know how it goes with your guy.
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