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Feral cat colony


Just introducing myself.

I take care of a colony of feral cats that live in a junk/wrecking yard. I first took notice of these cats about 3 years ago. I would bring bits of food and put out water for them.

Then I got in touch with 2 non-profits, one supplied live traps and paid for the spay and neuter of the cats once trapped, the other donates up to 300lbs of food every 5 to 6 weeks. To date I've trapped and helped trap close to 50 cats. The summer has finally arrived in my neck of the woods and I will start trapping again over the summer. I have seen at least 6 cats that I know have not been spayed or neutered which means there are double or triple that number out there.

Even tho I finally got help feeding them, I continued to feed them by hand little bits of lunch meat and cooked deer and elk so I could continue to socialize them. I have domesticated 13 and have placed 7 in homes where they have become INDOOR LAP cats!

I have 3 adult males that would make excellent pets (all were born at the yard and were at least 1 yr old when I "met" them). One is a chocolate point Himalayan and the other to are basic black and white.

My goal for the summer is to "pet" 2 as these 2 get very close to me and rub their heads against anything when I talk to them.

There are 7 that I can't touch but they all come when I call their names and they all meow at me.

Does anyone else do something similar with feral/wild cats?

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