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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I think Lucy is wishin' she could sit on the sill with Jack and Gracie in that second shot! What cute shots!! And that one of Jack at the door! Such a sweetie--and such a good boy, waiting for permission to enter.

That's a cool stool that Monty is on! Wish I had one like that for Lil Belle--hazel's back is tiring of lifting her up on the bed every night.
I really think he thought the door was closed .... or he's had too much experience running into the screen thinking it was open.

The stool is a Rubber Maid two step. We have one at the front window which Jack uses to get up on the front sill. Monty used to sit on it in the afternoons waiting for me to come home from work. Was always nice to see him watching as I walked down the road after a long day.
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