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Thursday June 2, 2011 - Lead Monitor Audrey Gamble reports: With help from climbers Chris Phinney and John Millar - the latter having to fend off an even more aggressive than last year Madame X (image at left) - today the three chicks were collected from the ledge and brought into the Sheraton, then weighed, gendered, banded and named.

Everyone, meet Pigott, a female weighing in at a hefty 914 grams (just over two pounds for our non-metric viewers), Thomson, a male at 650 grams, and Gore, also a male at 671 grams (both around a pound and a half). All three chicks were feisty but each behaved a bit differently during the banding and photo session. The image at left shows one of the chicks just after being returned to the ledge.

Gore's name comes from that given in 1816 to the odd triangular piece of land running from Mary Street to James Street South enclosed by the north and south sides of King Street East. When George Hamilton planned his town grid, he found himself with this odd parcel of property formed by the intersection of planned streets and an aboriginal trail that ran at an angle to the grid. The parcel was nicknamed �the gore� because it resembled a wedge-shaped piece of cloth used to adjust the form and size of a garment. A gathering place ever since, it is the site of several of the city's best known monuments, including the famous fountain.

The Pigott Building, the first steel-skeleton skyscraper in Hamilton and one of the first in Canada, was constructed in 1929 at a cost of $1,000,000. Named after the prominent Hamilton family whose construction company erected it, the building served as office space for almost 70 years before being converted to condos in the late 1990s. It�s roof once housed searchlights which revolved every 30 seconds. It now hosts perambulating peregrines often carrying pigeons who would rather be elsewhere.

The Robert Thomson Building is situated in Jackson Square between the Sheraton Hotel and Stelco Tower. It was named in honour of Robert Thomson who was with the Standard Life Assurance Company for 50 years, retiring as an executive director. The dedication of this building recognizes Mr. Thomson�s long standing interest in, and contributions to, Hamilton. The roof of this building is a favourite haunt of the young peregrines.

More banding photos will be available on the Gallery page as soon as we can get them ready. Stay tuned! With at least one chick already seen on top of the ledge, the real fun is about to begin!
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