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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I don't think it matters which side of the window they're on, Robyn! And Nookie looks perfect on the inside! Does he really like to watch storms? LOL Three of ours cower and the other five just sleep right through them! Nanook is quite the adventuresome fella!!
He really does love them!! Thorin is the opposite, he just gets so neuroitc and hides anywhere he can (closets, bathroom etc), poor guy. Nookie though, he always surprises us, he's such a little oddball

One night we were looking for him. I was just panicked because he wasn't anywhere in the house. There was a HUGE T-storm and I always have the patio door open during them. I thought I'd check outside just on the off chance he was out there and stuck, or panicked and wouldn't move, but nope! Neither was the case. He was there, sitting at the railing in the pouring rain just watching while lighting was flashing and thunder all around
He's sure not a typical dog
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R.I.P. my sweet, handsome Thorin. You are missed dearly Dec. 25, 1999 - Mar. 4, 2012
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