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Cool Best friend for a Jack Russell mix

I have heard ALL sorts of things from different people of what not to get and what to get for a second dog when i currently own a 3 y/o Jack Russell mix male neutered.... Kennel Trained for when we are at work (no more than 4 hours at a time)

He is hyper like a P.B. Jack Russell.... but a bit taller and skinnier. ANYWAY

i have had people tell me to get another Jack Russell... people tell me not to get another Jack Russell... people tell me to get a female people tell me to get a male.... some say a dog smaller so it doesnt threaten the "Full of em self" JAck Russell......some say get a bigger dog so it can hold its own....

Im beginning to think its all in how you train them...

does anyone else have experience owing a Jack Russell along with other dogs and if so what type of dog and how was the experience.
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