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1john44 - I don't wish to argue, but I'm always disappointed when owners of other breeds that are hated and banned say they do not like pit bulls, even if the only info they have on them is from watching shows like Animal Cops.

Do you know how many people are terrified of, and hate Rotties and Dobies? You would probably be one of them if you did not have first hand experience with them, right? If your only info on them came from sensationalistic TV shows?

I might say I'm not a "fan" of Rotties, since I saw a show about how 2 of them attacked a jogger, to the tune of more than 350 stitches.

Should I say that Rotties are bad, or that these these dogs had stupid, moronic and irresponsible owners?

I also lately heard of an adopted Dobie killing it's new owner. Should I hate them too, or blame the people who raised and dumped this dog, and the shelter who screwed up?

In both cases, I will go with the latter.

I could go on and say that many of the dogs implicated in the lurid "Pit Bull Attacks" stories are not pit bulls at all - but often mixes or another breed entirely. Most people (including the press) cannot identify a pit bull, and I"ve seen breeds ranging from pugs to hounds to boxers to Great Danes(!!) identified as pit bulls.

It seems the only requirement a dog needs to be identified as a pit bull is to have short hair and to attack.

Of course a headline breathlessly screaming "Boxer (or hound) Attacks!!" would not be nearly as sensationalistic or draw as many readers. Hint: The media is not always the most reliable source of the truth.

"Blame the deed, not the breed!"
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