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Originally Posted by Sunaj52 View Post
I think I hit the puppy wall this past week as well. Especially when I came home Wednesday evening and found that our puppy had ripped the top sheet of our bed to shreds. But...I think I'm getting to the point where I'm just expecting something to go wrong each day, that way if everything is fine then I'm pleasently surprised.
Sunaj, it sounds like we're living the same life right now! Sorry to hear about the sheets...that sucks. I'd probably be freaking out. Ours hasn't done that (yet), but she's a lot more "scrappy" than our 3.5 year old dog which I think is partly what's making me feel stressed....I think training will be a totally different experience than my first go at puppy-hood. This puppy is way more into nipping than our first (from what I remember).

We're starting puppy classes in a week and a half. Hopefully I can make it till then! Good luck with your classes. I saw your pics in another thread and your little one is adorable!
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