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How long before an enema for a cat is necessary?

My cat Abby is getting on for three years old. I took her to the vet on Thursday because she hadn't peed for 32 hours. The vet got her to pee and checked her urine. Everything was fine except the specific gravity was quite high and she had a trace of bacteria and blood. She was not dehydrated and other signs were great.
She was started on 1 cc of Clavamox, which I have been giving her with no problem.
Abby is a very odd cat and only pees once a day, and only poops, on average every second day. However, this is the third day that she hasn't pooped. I have given her Petromalt, which is like the Tonic-lax the vet had given us to use. I don't know whether the Clavamox is making her constipated or?
Abby had a previous episode of constipation when we had to take her to the vet. It turned out her anal glands were infected. She was about a year old then. I meant to ask the vet to check her glands this time but forgot. She had mentioned that if a cat doesn't eliminate regularly, there is a greater chance of her glands having problems.
My question is, do you think I can wait till Monday morning to get her to the vet for the enema or should I call the emerg. vet and take her in tomorrow? She seemed fine earlier today but is clearly not happy now. Thanks for any help. catnbudge
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