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HS got here last night at 10,she released the little one,he quickly disappeared in my flowers.
I had left food out to attract the mother and her other 5 babies and it was gone this morning,the way the peanut-shells were,is telling me it was Raccoons.
HS called me this morning and I and hubs had already looked everywhere,in every bush,up every tree and he's not here,hopefully that means he's joined his family
However,we will continue looking,mom will more than likely be back tonight(I am not leaving food out though)and hopefully I'll be able to count the babies.
The girl at HS,has been great...
My neighbors are not too happy with me though,not that I care,they don't even live here.
I told them not to close off the roof until they were out,but they did now the soffit needs to be repaired mayorly.
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