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oh my goodness... too cute!!!

I completely understand what you're going through. I got 2 pups at the same time, so can you say, double trouble? Haha.
It's funny how now, only 2 years later, I miss those days.

I'm glad you're starting to see some success with the crate training. It really does make overall training easier, and it becomes a "safe haven" for your pup later on if she's feeling stressed, or just wants some peace and quiet (like if company is over). Plus, if she ever needs an overnight stay at the vet (like when she gets spayed), she'll need to be crated there so it's best she gets used to it now.

I would suggest keeping a crate in an area of the house that gets a lot of activity - like the corner of the kitchen or living room. That way, she'll still feel like she's "with you", even when she's in there.

What I used to do is wait for my boys to randomly fall asleep somewhere. Then I'd pick them up and put them in their crate with a toy, and left the door open.
So when they woke up and were still all groggy, they'd just lay in there for a while and play with their toy, before coming out when they were ready.

I think it's important for her to realize that for the most part, she can come and go out of her crate as she pleases. It's only when you're not home (or sleeping) that the door will actually be closed.
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