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I have had Zasta for just a year now.
I can get her to sit but when i tell her things its not like come here all them long words in it its come, stay, down. things like that
I might have sounded mean when i said dragging her to where i want her to go. lol i didnt mean for it that way. what i mean is like i will point or stand to where i want her to go lay down and there is times were she will do as she is asked right away but at other times when she dont want to listen. Like i will say come and if she dose not come the first time i will go get her and try walking her over to were i want her to be and then when she dont want to listen is when she will not want to give in thats when it feels like i gotta pull her over to where i want her to be.
there is things that she was great at when i did get her was she has NEVER ever taken off on us off leash in public. she loves animals we take her to the dog part when we can and like i do have another dog that is about 2 years old now she is a small chiu. they play very well.
I have gotten her now tho to go sleep in a kennel that took about a year to get her to wanna just go in there on her own. but i would leave it out in the living room for her at all times and i think the trick was i started feeding the dogs in there cuz they were eating each others food and one would get some or none lol.
I do play lots with her well try lots like now thats all she ever wants to do is play witch i love.
I do try when playing with her to do the simple things like try staying get her laying down all them things but when she dont want to she will just give up and not want to anymore and just from there not listen for a while.
with the peeing to every time we let her in the basement she will go down to just pee right away.
I can say i do watch tons of at the end of my leash show i love it and try doing things on there. some things i dont know how to say the things she dose wrong in a way. I do try getting help with my husband trying to show me how to walk her better or say things like well i need help but i dont get it so im alone on it lol.
for the dog training part i live in leduc and i have not been able to find one in town. I dont drive and my husband wont pay the money for me to go into one. I would love to take classes cause i know it would help me out so much more.
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