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First of all, thank you so much for adopting a rescue. How long have you had Zasta?

Originally Posted by A.spivak View Post
I will tell her where to go lay down and she walks all over the place or goes where she wants to go and if i go get her to tell her where to be she will not listen i will have to drag her over and she always pees. She acts like shes always getting into big trouble.
Amy, she pees when you "drag her over" because she's terrified . Please don't physically force her to do stuff like that as it's only reinforcing her fear. As you already know, she isn't able to learn when she's in that mindset.

I would love for you to take a look at this website. It's full of informative articles and dozens of videos to get you to train her so that it's fun for both of you. Please go slowly and with lots of patience and, once Zasta has mastered one, move on to another. I promise you'll have loads of fun and you'll start to see her come out of her shell. I would recommend you view the first three videos and then start with "Teach Your Dog His Name" that's a little further down the list. Even if you think she knows it, it might be a good idea to get her to positively associate her name with good feelings. It'll be a great start.

And please let us know how you're all coming along. Photos of Zasta are always welcome (actually, we insist ).

Edited to add: If there's one one book you should read to learn more about positive dog training, especially given the fact that Zasta is so submissive, this is the book you should try to get your hands on.... The Power Of Positive Dog Training, 2nd edition, by Pat Miller. You can get a preview here (where I order my books from):
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