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This last set includes a couple of bunting pics because I find it fascinating how they change color according to the light they're in. Like blue jays, they have no blue pigment. The color comes from the scattering of light from feather structure. So in certain light, they look gray.

In incandescent light (in this case, the flash from the camera) they take on aqua and violet hues:

Name:  Artificial light really brings out a bunting's highlights! 5-24-11.jpg
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And in full sun, they look indigo:

Name:  Indigo bunting, newly banded and ready to be released 5-24-11.jpg
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Pretty cool!

In all, 115 birds were banded. By species:
  • 64 rose-breasted grosbeaks
  • 22 American goldfinches
  • 8 purple finches
  • 7 black-capped chickadees (plus one recapture from Mar)
  • 4 Baltimore orioles
  • 4 indigo buntings
  • 2 chipping sparrows
  • 1 (very lucky) brown-headed cowbird and 1 escape from the net
  • 1 white-breasted nuthatch
  • 1 blue jay
  • 1 hairy woodpecker

Also, 9 ruby-throated hummingbirds were released from the nets without banding.

At mid-day (about 11:30) the nets came down and the birds of Hazel Run were allowed a little peace and quiet...

Name:  Taking down the nets 5-24-11.jpg
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