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Originally Posted by H.P. View Post
You have hit the point I call puppy exhaustion, I have been there myself, and some of the new owners of foster pups I have adopted out have hit it as well. At this point, some call me in tears, "I can't do this anymore, you have to come get him/her." I have never had to take one back. I have had to go stay at their house for a night so they could get some sleep. Not to worry, it will get better. Make sure you remove water sources 2 hours before bedtime, including toilet lids down! You may think she can't reach it, but you might be surprised. Also, make sure that when she does wake up to potty at night, there is not play time, it is all business then back to bed. Good luck and enjoy the pup!
Thanks H.P. Your words are very reassuring. I think we're going to try and limit water later at night, but last night she was looking for water so we gave in and let her have some. She ended up getting up about 4-5 times (can't remember in my sleepy haze, lol), but will bespending more time in her crate today - hopefully that'll help train her a bit.
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