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the saga continues

I was glad the little one was "safe",but had I waited another another 5 hours,he would have been safer

I was watching TV around 8pm when I heard a loud clang,sounded like a ladder falling down..
The mom Raccoon must have been working all day on getting through to the soffit(SP?)and getting it to fall down,it is all down on the side of the house.
They must all have fallen down to the ground,but they were all ok.

Some of the babies were going up on the roof trying to get back in,the mother and 3 babies climbed up our tree,the 2 babies on the roof,crying their little lungs out trying to get back down.

By now the old man,his sons and friends are here watching and laughing.
I just asked them to leave the babies on the roof alone,mom will get them down after dark.

So,I should feel satisfaction knowing I was right,mom was in the roof,as I thought,but knowing I had a baby removed from it's family,just makes me angry with myself....I should just stop interfering,sorry baby-coon
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