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Ah...I'm not sure if she gets taken for a walk in the mornings as I start work earlier than the g/f normally at least 2 hours or so before she leaves. I think she's just scared about leaving her in her kennel for more than 2-3 hours at a time. We have started getting her used to the kennel by putting her food in it. I've also spent some time with her when she's been in the kennel and she's been mostly o.k. If she continues with this behavior I may have to force the issue. But we'll see what the trainers recomend first.

So I started doing some more kennel training tonight. Took her outside, played some indoor fetch for a little bit and then put her favorite toy and a chew bone in the kennel with the door closed. Waited for her to start pawing at the gate, let her in and she sat content in there for just over 30 minutes before she started whining to get out. Once out, closed the door to the kennel again with the chew bone and her toy inside. I almost got her to go back in but she started figuring it out so I decided that was probably enough for tonight

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