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Originally Posted by Sunaj52 View Post
Oh trust me, I want to do the crate training, but the g/f is concerned that she's too young (11 weeks on Monday) to be in a crate while she and I are at work. So...we moved her into the hallway today with a baby gate up, and somehow she managed to get herself up and over it. Once again, this is a puggle who is less that 1ft tall at the shoulders, jumping over a babygate that's probably close to 3ft tall. We're calling the trainers we're starting with on Saturday to get their opinion on what to do. Luckily she didn't destroy the rest of the house.
On the contrary, now is the BEST time to start her in a crate. If you wait till she is older she may have more issues with being in one. I would much rather see her in a crate now and learning how to be content in one than to see her being taken to a shelter which I can see happening if your stress level goes up. Please please read those links. Do more research into crating your dog. Do it NOW!! Not when she's older. Read to learn how to do it properly. Her well being and yours depends on her being a good pup.

May I ask if you are taking her for a walk before you go to work? I'm not talking about taking her out for a pee. I'm talking a walk. At her age it doesn't have to be a long one. Just around a block or two before you go to work. That will help tire her out and maybe she won't get into so much mischief.

Back to the crating for a sec. When my girl, now almost 17, and her housemate were a lot younger I had crates for them. They were trained from the get go to use those crates. Every time I went to the closet and got my purse out they would head downstairs to the rec room and their crates. By the time I got there they would both be in their crates waiting for me to give them their treats and close the doors. They did this for the first two years. After that I slowly started leaving them out for longer periods of time until I was positive I could trust them. They were perfect. Never wrecked anything.
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