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Originally Posted by G odishere4u2 View Post
Hello, and thank you for your time!

I have three cats, all neutered, been here for four years,

Only have one cat box, litter maid, in small dimly lighted closet, with one five square inch opening in wall for access to adjacent guest bathroom, with that door being always open, unless toilet is being used.

Any cat box odor entirely confined, box always kept sifted as it is a Litter Maid, and entirely out of sight.

This setup has worked just purfect for three years. In the last year, just one cat has been, peeing and pooping near the toilet in that same guest bathroom.

We have tried extensive and very consistent punishments including spraying with water, spanking, isolation, etc., while always showing him the defecated or urinated area before hand.

He is very affectionate, though will hide if he has left us a mess and we haven't punished him yet. So he knows what's coming.

I understand that you may say for us to get more cat boxes, though I am confused to why this situation worked just fine for so long, then changed, and we were just hoping to not have to get additional boxes, mainly due to there being alot of benefits to having the cat box in it's own closet.

Sincerely, Glenn
Well, something has definitely happened to make your kitty not want to use the litter box.

Have you had him checked by a vet to ensure his health is OK, kidneys, thyroid, etc., etc?

Cat's don't reason as humans do, if your kitty was using the box and a loud bang, or a kitty scared him, or a pain that occurred while he is using the litter box, then he may associate that particular litter box with that traumatic event. As Sugarcatmom stated, something has affected your kitty to change what he was doing. Adding a litter box to a different area may be enough to get him to start using one again.

Punishments only succeed in taking out frustrations, they will do nothing to correct the situation . I agree with the others, try a second litter box.

Good luck!
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