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Originally Posted by G odishere4u2 View Post
Any cat box odor entirely confined,
Confined to the box? That's great that maybe you can't smell it, but no doubt that cats can big time.

Originally Posted by G odishere4u2 View Post
This setup has worked just purfect for three years. In the last year, just one cat has been, peeing and pooping near the toilet in that same guest bathroom.
How often do you entirely swap out the litter? Do you thoroughly clean the box periodically? Plastic litter boxes accumulate odours over time and should be replaced once a year.

Originally Posted by G odishere4u2 View Post
We have tried extensive and very consistent punishments including spraying with water, spanking, isolation, etc., while always showing him the defecated or urinated area before hand.
And how's that been working for you? Not well, I imagine. In fact you've probably made it worse by adding to your poor cat's anxiety over the whole situation. Your cat isn't doing this to p!ss you off. There's something wrong in his world, whether it be the box, the litter, the location, the social dynamics in the household, or a medical issue. You need to figure out what the problem is and help him. Starting with a vet appointment. Also read this link on litter box issues and see if you find a solution there:

Originally Posted by G odishere4u2 View Post
I understand that you may say for us to get more cat boxes, though I am confused to why this situation worked just fine for so long, then changed, and we were just hoping to not have to get additional boxes, mainly due to there being alot of benefits to having the cat box in it's own closet.
Benefits for YOU, but not necessarily the cats. Adding another box would be a really good idea.
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