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No Bake Homemade Cat Treats - Anybody Have a Recipe?

After a week of happily gobbling up all the food I dropped their 1/2 teaspoon a day of liquid Glucosamine/Chondrotin/MSM on the two cats who need it the most have turned up their noses. I can always use it for the dog and one cat but I wondered about making my own treats?

I figure I can't bake anything for fear of losing the efficacy of the stuff. I googled and I searched here but haven't found any no bake recipes. I'm thinking/hoping that whatever liquid a recipe calls for I would replace with the G/C/M.

Oh no, I lie, I did find one but it didn't call for liquid.

I imagine if I do find a recipe I'll have to refrigerate the treats and I don't know if that will affect the G/C/M either.

I wonder how much G/C/M is going to end up in each treat too.

What do you think? Got a recipe?
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