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What a pretty little girl you have!

No. Rubbing her nose in it is not the way to go. It can actually have a negative effect and cause her to hide in another room to do it or even eat it, and it will teach her it's bad for poop & her & you to be in the same place at the same time - but on a walk that's exactly what you need.

If you catch her IN THE ACT and not a second later, pick her up in the middle (with mild scolding if any at all) and carry her outside, where hopefully she will finish the job so you can praise. Beyond picking her up in the middle (which I'm sure is a bit uncomfortable) do not punish her for accidents.

If you find presents and puddles after the fact, clean them up and vow to watch her more closely. Keep her in the room with you, tie her leash to your waist perhaps, and if you are too busy or gone out or asleep, confine her to a kennel, which for most puppies helps them hold it better than if allowed loose.

Puppies need to pee & poop very often, and it is fairly urgent once it happens. Take her out often, and if she's eating, drinking, playing or just woken up, take her out again. Slowly you'll learn her signals, too, maybe she suddenly loses interest in play or circles or sniffs or runs into a certain room before pooping. Until you are having a bit better success it is a good idea to carry her outside. Accompany her to the potty spot and praise every time when she's done a pee or poop outside.
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