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An upsetting day in our little Oasis..

A bad day period!!
First thing I saw when I woke up,a large dead Possum right in front of our houseit was a male,so no babies in the pouch.

Next,I think I told you the empty house next door have raccoons in the roof..
well,the new owner is replacing the roof.
He knows there are Raccoons,I told him,but hestill decided to just put the new roof on.
This morning,a baby tried desperatly to get in,but they shooed him away and he is now in my hedge.
I called the Oakville Humane Society,a young man,whom I know from before came,he picked up the Possum,then he checked out the baby and decided to leave it in case mom comes for him,if he's still there tomorrow he'll pick it up.

He talked to the people,told them it's animal cruelty if they block the way out for the Raccoons,so they checked the attic and said there was no Raccoons there,I hope they are right,but I have a feeling they did not check good enough,the one guy who checked,is terrified of coons.
We'll see...tomorrow.
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