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Hey guys,

We did actually take her out once an hour for the first couple of days of having her, but she seemed fine moving to two hours. She's actually doing well for letting us know when she needs to go out: jumping off of us if she's sleeping on the couch beside us, or running to the baby gate if I'm in the rear of the appartment with her. Even at night she's pretty good for waking us up to go outside instead of just peeing on the floor. Every time she has an accident we immediately clean it up with a cleaner bought and recomended from our local pet shop. It's only after we bring her in during the day (has yet to happen in the middle of the night) and we don't watch her that she'll try to sneak another one in. If we have her on our lap or we're playing with her non-stop, then there's no problem and she doesn't seem to have an issue holding it for 2 hours during the day and even 3 hours at night.
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