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Originally Posted by Sunaj52 View Post
I guess one other thing that's causing stress (I don't know if I should post this here or in the health forum) is that we'll take her outside for a potty break (Right now we're going about every 2 hours) and we'll bring her back in, and if I don't watch her she immediatly go and try and pee somewhere in the house. She does pee outside, sometimes twice, but if we don't keep her close by it's almost a garuntee that she'll try to sneak one in the house. Is this normal puppy behavior? Does she maybe have some sort of bladder infection that's making it hurt for her to pee?
Completely normal behaviour. You have to remember she is a tiny baby. Her bladder may not be equipped to handle "holding it" for quite some time yet. May I suggest for a while until she gets the hang of it and starts going to the door herself, that you make her trips outdoors every hour? Make sure you praise her each and every time she pees so she knows she's doing what you want her to.
I'm sure one of those links I gave you explained potty training?
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