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Question Dog licking bum - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hi all,
I have an appointment to bring Diamond to the Vet's today, to look at her bum, and a small bump on her side (I'm thinking cyst or fatty deposit...but we'll see).

My real concern is her bum. She's been licking it an awful the point that the only way to stop her is to tap her back or head to get her attention. It must be very itchy!!!
When she first started licking it, I looked at it and it seemed irritated, but nothing overly worrysome. Well, I guess she's been licking it at night, and when we can't watch her, because....boy oh her bum red!!!! Thank goodness she has a Vet appointment today after work. I made the appt on Friday, and it didn't look nearly this bad. I looked again last oh man.

I was thinking her glands were bothering her, but she's not scooting....just licking. What are the normal causes of an inflamed bum? She's pooping normally. She doesn't yelp or cry when she's pooping, so I'm thinking it's itchy rather than sore. (but I still feel so sorry for her!!!!)

Any suggestions on what I may want to bring up to the Vet?
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