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Maybe if you can tell us exactly what it is this tiny puppy is doing to cause you such stress we could help you more? Having such a little thing entirely depend on your good graces can be stressful - for the pup too. Can you imagine how the pup must feel to all of a sudden have to do things these new beings in it's universe wants it to do? Going outdoors to pee/poo? No biting? Only eat the food these beings put down for it? Heavens!! Can you just imagine what must be going on in this little ones' head? And you are stressed out?

I'm going to give you some reading to do. Yay!! But in all seriousness, the more you know about puppies and their idiosyncrasies, the better. For you and the pup.

That should give you a good base to start with.

Ummm, you and your girlfriend aren't planning on having kids any time soon, are you? 'Cause if you're feeling stress with one tiny pup - you're in for a whole new experience when it comes to the skin kids!!!
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