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Well we are back from camping and she did way better than i thought. She was scared when we first arrived and was barking/growling at an individual we know,but they we warned. After that she did amazing....maybe 2 other little occasions with a few strangers she barked, but then was told "No" and she was great with everyone else. She walked amazing, she did bark a certain dogs walking by, then we would stop and let them pass, as i told her "No" barking. She sat on our site and had numerous people around. She didnt have to be kenneled at all. I think this experience with getting her sourrounded by strangers helped her realize that they arent so bad after all. She is not perfect, but definelty a huge progress was made. I think more socialization is the key to get her comfortable.

SIA-Our kids are great with her, and she is well used to noise with the kids lol
I think that when someone tries to approach her in a manner that shes not comfortable with its when she is scared. I had one stranger, that i know; attempt to pet her in a sensitive manner and she was great.
I also had a child that i know give her a treat,and she did problems...but there was a couple people she wasnt sure of...but one was quick to get at her, and the other had something in her that may play a roll.
Shes a doggy in the works, i am proud of her and not giving up!
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