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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
It is not common practice to muzzle a puppy. I would be willing to bet anything that none of the vets we deal with would approve. Muzzling is common practice on a dog that shows aggression or possible fear aggression, not a 4 month old puppy. Especially a small breed puppy. They are fragile to begin with. This vet should not be in practice.
I 100% agree with you!! Even our GSD is never muzzled at the vet's! A muzzle should be used only when and if appropriate. Unless the 4 month old puppy was showing aggression that required a muzzle, I dont see why one was used.... seems like the vet was just trying to make it 'easier' for him/herself....

As mentioned above, i would pursue both legal and veterinary board action because a dog should never die due to a routine check/procedure at the vet.

This needs to at least be investigated. If this doesn't get reported and investigated then who knows how many more incidents like that can happen. If the investigation determined that this was just a special occurance and all proper procedure was followed, fine, but I would still raise this as an issue to at least ensure that this gets investigated properly.

There is nothing 'normal' about this event.

I am very very sorry about your family's loss!! my heart goes out to you!
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