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High protein should be avoided for dogs with kidney disease, a family history of kidney disease, or a breed tendency towards kidney disease.
There are many high quality diets with much less protein than Orijen. Certain factors, including more exercise, will make use of the extra protein; in other dogs, the protein is used as an energy source only, and the nitrogen component of the protein is "wasted" and excreted in the urine via the kidneys, but should not cause a problem in a dog with healthy kidneys.
I know several dogs who have had soft stools on Orijen or the related Acana, and protein is not the only factor there. I also know others who are very healthy on it. I know many breeders who promote Purina and Beneful for their new puppies as they are very gentle on puppies' tummies, and many of the richer formulas aren't. There are, however, higher quality foods that are also gentle on new babies.
As your vet will probably confirm, if your food is working for you, stick with it.
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