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Question Rabbit with fleas?

Alright so a few months ago my dogs (three of them) ended up getting fleas for the first time ever. After weeks and weeks of repeatedly cleaning the house, bathing them, putting them in flea collars, etc. we were able to rid ourselves of the fleas.

Or so we thought.

My dad came into my room today and told me to google reasons why my rabbit would get bald spots. Needless to say I was surprised she had any (I've been so busy these last few weeks with graduation that I hadn't noticed). So I ended up looking up reasons but my dad said none of them fit. Well I decided to go to check her out myself to see what was happening.

Needless to say, I saw that she had a bald crusty spot on the back of her neck and it worried me. I decided to brush her out to get rid of extra fur so I could see more clearly and what do I notice in the comb after a few strokes? Fleas. >>"

So basically what I'm asking is:
My family barely knew what to do when my dogs had fleas, what the heck can we do since our rabbit has them?

I know baths are not a good idea since rabbits don't generally like them and flea baths are said to be even worse (one site said that they often can cause death O_O). So what are methods to get rid of the fleas on her?

I am planning to take her to a vet as soon as possible (and as soon as I can convince my parents), the problem is that tomorrow is a holiday and I don't think the clinic will be open so she'll have to wait until Tuesday at least. I'm really worried about her though and I'm hoping this doesn't cause her death or something. I know that's an extreme thought but when I get worried, I get really worried. :/
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