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We had 5 cats and now we have 3!!

And the house feels a bit empty.....

I have always been a cat lover which made it a bit hard to find the right boyfriend. Well, the one I ended up with loves my cats and then some!!
His mother used to rescue cats and we ended up rescuing 8 in the last 2 years.

We just found homes for the last 2 and while we have 3 left, the house seems a bit empty. We found amazing homes for them and they are great cats so, it's natural to miss them.

The one's we have left are FattyPants who is 16 1/2 lbs. He has lost 8 lbs now and not by his choice. He is bossy and my #1 Baby.
Pooper is fluffy, cuddly, and very dopey. He is the cuddliest of the bunch and my boyfriends favorite.
Last is BabyGirl Tripod. Her right front paw was injured when we found her and we had to have it amputated. Hasn't slowed her down a bit and she is the hunter of the bunch.

Anyhoo, we are having some health issues with Pooper and that is how I found this board. I look forward to learning more about the rest of you and your furry friends.
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