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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
It is not common practice to muzzle a puppy. I would be willing to bet anything that none of the vets we deal with would approve. Muzzling is common practice on a dog that shows aggression or possible fear aggression, not a 4 month old puppy. Especially a small breed puppy. They are fragile to begin with. This vet should not be in practice.
I'll respectfully disagree, this may be an interesting read for you: However, you will notice an important piece of information that the vet should have been aware of and failed on:
Originally Posted by Pam Green
NEVER use a type that restricts the dog's mouth from opening for more than a very few minutes and ALWAYS remain present and alert and ready to remove the muzzle instantly if necessary for the dog's breathing or to let him vomit.
In practice I would expect most dog vets have the opportunity to muzzle a dog now and then: the vet is a stranger, the dog may be ill, and uncomfortable or frightening procedures may be necessary. A vet and vet tech should be properly educated on muzzle safety, same as the use of any other tool. On safe use of the muzzle, I believe they were negligent.
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