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Originally Posted by t.pettet View Post
Unbelievable! I would get a lawyer who deals with animal issues (ask your local spca for a reference) and sue the pants off this vet, advise the Vet Med. Assoc. and get financial compensation through the courts. A 4 mo. old pup (or any pet) should not have been man-handled to such a degree to cause such terror and stress and as for muzzling - how ridiculouis. Ear plucking hurts especially for the 1st. time and a little bit at a time should be plucked out not chunks of hair all at once. If the pup was terrified to that degree then vet should have backed off and enlisted patience, treats and positive encouragement. The vet would have been better off to have a groomer or someone more competent than him to teach the owners how to pluck a wee bit at a time at their own home so it becomes as routine as brushing. I would be out for blood from this imcompetent moron.
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