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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
I would have to whole-heartedly disagree with that. Neither one of mine are put in a better state of mind by being taken out of our presence. In fact, they both get highly stressed which is why we will not leave them. If the vet is not comfortable doing what he/she is going to do in front of us, we will find another vet. As for the muzzle, one of ours has seizures due to the stress of being muzzled. The vet should have spoken with the owners prior to doing something like that. Are there legal grounds? I have no idea. But one thing I do know is that vet made an extremely poor decision. And as for muzzling as not to get bit, it's a 4 month old puppy, small breed. He could have had an assistant hold the puppy's head. There was no need for a muzzle.
Regardless of whether you think muzzling was appropriate, it is a common practice, and in court that will count. Your dog has been muzzled at least once, I don't know the circumstances. This dog was muzzled only once, and they don't have the option to just never do it again with this dog. Perhaps it is a practice that should be reviewed and better instruction given to vets on when to proceed with a muzzle and when to back off and approach from a different angle.
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