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Originally Posted by o0paradigm0o View Post
I need to decide what to do - do I pursue a legal course of action, do I file a complaint with the veterinarian board or do I move on with life?
You move on with life, but the question is, what will help you do that?

Persuing legal action means, on the positive side, you may get to see guilty parties punished for wrong-doing, and you may prevent future similar incidents for other people and their dogs. On the negative side, it will draw out your suffering, and you will have to relive that day over and over and in front of many people. You may also lose. No matter how good a case your lawyer thinks you have, you may lose. There is no harm in talking to a lawyer and discussing your options for civil or criminal charges, and getting a legal deadline when you must make that decision.

Filing a complaint with the veterinary board is probably a good idea. They will investigate and if negligence is found, reprimand in some way. If it was a freak accident that occurred during standard procedures and with responsible personnel, perhaps they will review how things are normally done and set safer practices.

I am very sorry for your loss. May your puppy
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