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Skijoring 101

We live out in the country so we have lots of access to open fields and woods, just great for doing some hiking in the summer and in the winter when there is enough snow on the ground I cross country ski.
Skijoring is a sport done with the dog where the two of you form a team much like sleding but you are on skis and you work with the dog in going cross country. The dog does not pull you, you have to do some work as well, you either slow the dog down if need be or allow it to reach a max. speed keeping in mind the strength and ability of the dog. A good and fun work out for both. Picture is also included but it is not of me but of my instructor with her Visala in the recreational centre near where I live.

....I am not that good yet, All you would see is me with my face in the snow.... atleast the snow is white where I am and not yellow.... ;-)
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