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Originally Posted by Apple_hun View Post
With my husband, she either really likes him giving kisses and affection, but when he goes to horse around with me she has tried to attack him, which makes him upset. He isn't too thrilled at my dog purchase, he never grew up with a pet...may be why;but has learned to come around for the most part, except for her agression. Its hard having a dog that you cant trust with stangers, and then to have your husband add more pressure on you....but anyway..what can i do to let my dog know that him touching me isnt threatening but playful, so she doesnt try to attack him.....its not always, but once to many.
I would think these are probably times when your children are nestled snugly in their beds, and there is no reason your dog shouldn't be nestled snugly in hers. Make sure she is fed, exercised, and pottied, then put her in her kennel with a good selection of toys: a kong stuffed with a hard-to-get-out cookie, a chew toy such as a nylabone, a stuffie, and even a couple more favourites to pacify her while she settles down for sleep. If you think she may bark or whine, put the kennel in the farthest corner of your home where she won't disturb you. It may be a bit less spontaneous, but much more enjoyable for you and your husband, rather than having her put a strain on your relationship with your husband.

Encourage his bond with her, you may already be doing this. Give him the leash and send them off on a walk together. Give him 10 treats for him to have her do a couple tricks. I don't know how your dog is with your kids? If good, then give the kids treats to show dad the tricks so it is a family activity.

Separately, you may need to desensitize your dog to fast, excited, and sudden movements. Can you run circles in the yard, raise your hands above your head, clap and cheer, jump up and down, and so on? Progress very slowly, you don't want to frighten her, but work at her comfort level. If you are generally a calm, quiet family, she is not used to such things on a daily basis.
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