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My dog for the most part will listen to me. If I ask her to stop she will stop and look at me, she will come to me when called half the time.....she is still learning. With my husband, she either really likes him giving kisses and affection, but when he goes to horse around with me she has tried to attack him, which makes him upset. He isn't too thrilled at my dog purchase, he never grew up with a pet...may be why;but has learned to come around for the most part, except for her agression. Its hard having a dog that you cant trust with stangers, and then to have your husband add more pressure on you....but anyway..what can i do to let my dog know that him touching me isnt threatening but playful, so she doesnt try to attack him.....its not always, but once to many. Got thinking maybe she thinks strangers will try to attack me and that could play a good part in her aggression....hmmmm....Thanks all!
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