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Originally Posted by TeriM View Post
I'm afraid I disagree with this advice and especially if done by your children etc. The "alpha roll" can have very negative effects on the dog's confidence and trust with its owner. It can also cause the dog to become very defensive. In fact the original recommend was from the Monks of New Skete who have now apologized and no longer recommend this procedure. The top behaviourists in the field of dog training/agression such as Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar etc all agree that the alpha roll is a poor training option.

I have no problem with your dog needing to allow you to handle it but I would hope the only time she is on her back is when she is offering her belly for a nice tummy rub.

A good alternative is to work on teaching your dog commands like a sit stay/down stay and a "go to mat/bed" command. Gradually work up from very short sessions until your dog can hold the position for long periods of time.

TeriM, thank you for your post I found it most informative. I have a friend who uses the alpha roll and I have always felt icky about it when I see him do it. I did it once with our female Rotti (Kenya RIP baby girl) and a friend of mine who is a behaviorist explained why she felt it wasn't an appropriate training option, therefore I haven't utilized it since.
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