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Smile hi I am mimiloup , and we should have a party!

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Lets have a dog party!


Although this may not be the approprate place, I m gonna give it a go....

I was thinking how wondrful it would be to have a dog party, was thinking about sat june 25th or sat july 2 nd in the afternoon of course we llneed to watch the weather for a sunny day. and of course it will be in montreal but now to find a nice big dog friendly parc.
we can all bring our dogs , our friends , our snacks our toys , balls frisbees , and make an aftrnoon of party for our pups .

imagine all these dogs chasing balls, meeting all new friends , bouncing around in such glee , what a sight to see. and all the pets .ca members in mtl would get to know each other and talk . forming a stronger comunity of canines and companions. .

if all goes well we can do this every year.

I think its a nice idea for our dog friends and will in turn be good for us as a comunity and in turn will all give us a better understanding and support for each other.

what do you think. ?

one afternoon for our dogs who deserve it and for us who may need it . a carefree afternoon of play and socialization. away from all our woes for a little while and for some of us who dont get out much, I ts a good thing , to find a new friend or just people watch or dog watch

.I m sure the mod will then help post this in the right place on the board.
lets pick a parc , agree on a date and time and do it .

please let me know.....

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