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Originally Posted by hezbglad View Post
Rgeurts; sorry to hear about your dog. I hope evrything turns out o.k! Losing my baby to cancer is my biggest fear! A friend of mine has a dog that had cancer and he had chemo about 3 yrs ago and is still going strong! Prayers for you and your doggie! Thanks for posting kelly on your facebook page! I have done so also and so have many of my friends.
Thank you for the prayers, hezbglad, they're always appreciated!!
We started the chemo last night, but even with chemo, the best we can hope for is 563 days (or something like that!), which is still better than the 1-9 months without. The chemo won't kill the cancer, just slow it down. I'm glad your friends dog is doing well! Have you had any interest in Kelly? I will reshare her and continue to keep her and her owner in my prayers
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